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Here is an example match from SWS. As of right now, Mike Awesome, an extremley talented wrestler, who has giant power but also amazing aerial skills, is with World Championship Wrestling. He is main eventing often on weekly cards. The Big Bossman, a very old, poor wrestler who was hardly good five years ago when he was popular, is with the WWF. Somehow, he has main evented with some of the WWF's most talented wrestlers. This match is a good example of who should be main eventing, and who shouldn't.


Mike Awesome vs. Big Bossman
Steel Cage match

Mike Awesome executes a piledriver
Big Bossman and Mike Awesome exchange wild punches and kicks
Mike Awesome goes to the top rope
Mike Awesome executes a clothesline from the top rope
Mike Awesome clotheslines him against the cage
Mike Awesome goes for a snap suplex, but Big Bossman blocks
Mike Awesome goes for a piledriver, but Big Bossman reverses it into a back body drop
The crowd is clapping in unison, trying to pump up Mike Awesome
Big Bossman goes for the Big Piledriver, but Mike Awesome counters
Big Bossman rakes his face along the steel
Mike Awesome tosses him into the cage
Mike Awesome goes for a bodyslam, but Big Bossman blocks
Mike Awesome executes the Awesome Bomb through a table
Mike Awesome executes the top rope Awesome Splash
The crowd goes nuts
Mike Awesome starts climbing the cage
Mike Awesome is halfway up...
Mike Awesome is at the top...
Mike Awesome makes it down the cage!

The winner of the match...
Mike Awesome!

Match Time:  5 minutes,  44 seconds.