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  Word Scroller is a unique program. It can create a great effect, by transforming any sentence into a scrolling motion, so it looks like one letter is being added on at a time. This is very hard to explain, so just check out the examples.
  Basically, this is what Word Scroller does.
Yet another feature of Word Scroller

You can use the links below to download Word Scroller v1.5. Mac users: if you can't unstuff these files, you may need Stuffit Expander. Also, only download the .zip version if the .hqx version does not work, because .hqx is specially formatted for Macs. PC users: you will need some small additional equipment to be able to use PowerMark programs, go to the links section to find it, if you don't have it already. Enjoy!

Download Name Mac Download (.sit) Mac/PC Download (.zip) Short Description
Word Scroller v1.5 WScroller.sit A unique program that will transform sentences.