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3/23/01 Here are the empty brackets for the SWS Madness tournament. Take a look so you understand how its going to go down. There are plenty of spots left, but hurry, they're going fast! Go here for more info on joining.
3/22/01 I am starting a new huge SWS tournament. Everyone please send me your best SWS wrestler, get more details here.
12/30/00 The newest program, Easy Flashcards, is up. Use the link on the left to download it!
12/20/00 Because of school and finals, SWS and UPWS production has been slowed down severely. However, look for a new program from PowerMark before the end of the year (more info on that later).

Welcome to the official homepage of PowerMark Software, the company that creates only the best programs for your Macintosh! PowerMark is headed by, of course, myself... Mark!

NOTE: For you PC users, don't worry, PowerMark Games are also PC-compatible! Check out the links to find the small additional software you will need to run any PowerMark game on your PC!

PowerMark Software has created many succesful and popular games. The majority of users argue that the best released game is the Simple Wrestling Simulator, better known as SWS. To find more about this program, check out the link on the left.

Of course, two other games have turned out quite popular. Word Scroller is very unique, so check out the link on the left for the best possible explanation. Hockey Shot is a fast paced hockey shootout, that should not go unnoticed. Check out all three of these great games, click the links on the top-left of this page, and download the PowerMark Software classics today!


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