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SWS Madness - Single Elimination Tournament


After sitting back and watching these college basketball players take the spotlight for a while, I decided that a 64-person tournament is a great idea. Please send me your best SWS wrestlers that you want to be entered into the tournament I'm starting. Who needs March Madness when you've got SWS Madness?! Here are some of the rules.

  1. Each person can only send in two wrestlers.
  2. There will be a short "ranking" round in which I will have five random cards or so to rank the wrestlers 1 to 32 (or 1 to 64, etc).
  3. Short results will be posted for these ranking matches but not the whole match.
  4. Depending on how many people join, there will be a 32 or 64-man tournament and a set of probably around sixteen matches will take place the first week, with a set of matches each week.
  5. There will be four divisions whose names are undecided yet. After the "ranking round", the first place wrestler will be ranked 1 in the first division, the second place wrestler will be ranked 1 in the second division, and so on. So the fifth place wrestler would end up 2 in the first division, the sixth place would end up 2 in the second division, etc.
  6. In these divisions, 1 will play 8, 2 will play 7, 3 will play 6, and 4 will play 5. Divisions will be reranked after all those matches are done so the highest ranked will go against the lowest ranked wrestler left in his division for the next round. It's just like in NHL playoffs.
  7. Lastly, you don't really need to worry about all these rankings and stuff - just send me your wrestlers today!
  8. Send one or two SWS wrestlers to me via email. Please DO NOT include them as a file attachment. Instead, email me the stats.

Copy and paste the below form and fill it out and send it to me to join the tournament.

Wrestler's Name:
(divide 100 pts between four categories)
Technical Ability:
Finisher Name:
Setup Move:
% of time that setup is done before finisher:

Email the form to! I hope you enjoy the tournament!