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Welcome to the official page for Hockey Shot! Hockey Shot is a game that captures all the intense action and competition in the world of professional hockey! In this game, you face the computer in a fast paced shootout. You get a breakaway and an attempt to score, then you try to stop your opponent from shooting. Whoever has the most goals at the end of the game wins!

There are numerous options availible in Hockey Shot. Some of these include the player's name, the number of rounds to play, one of three skill levels, and the time delay between lines printed, for different reading speeds. Download Hockey Shot today and enjoy the high-intesity world of ice hockey on your computer!

Updates: Version 1.1 fixes a bug that, when running the second consecutive game, would stop the game after one round.


You can use the links below to download Hockey Shot v1.0. Mac users: if you can't unstuff these files, you may need Stuffit Expander. Also, only download the .zip version if the .hqx version does not work, because .hqx is specially formatted for Macs. PC users: you will need some small additional equipment to be able to use PowerMark programs, go to the links section to find it, if you don't have it already. Enjoy!

Download Name Mac Download (.sit) Mac/PC Download (.zip) Short Description
Hockey Shot v1.1 HShot.sit An ice hockey one-on-one shootout game.