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Welcome to the page for UPWS, the Ultra Professional Wrestling Simulator! Click the links below to view various sections of this page.


UPWS Description

UPWS is the sequel to the Simple Wrestling Simulator (SWS). UPWS was built from scratch and is not just an update. It runs on an new engine that creates wrestling matches much more realistically. Also, there are more options and a more expandable engine, so that you will see more matches that you couldn't even dream up in SWS. Take a look at some of the features that UPWS includes...

  • Brand new interface, much easier to use than SWS.
  • Color pictures and photos that pop up randomly on screens.
  • Totally advanced create-a-wrestler, with tons of awesome options:
    • Wrestler height, weight, and hometown.
    • Wrestlers can be female or male.
    • Face, heel, or neutral wrestlers.
    • You can choose whether your wrestler will perform cheap shots, etc.
    • Each wrestler can have a finisher and THREE trademark moves!
    • Wrestler entrance music and in-match taunts!
    • Much, much more!
  • Totally customizable referees!
  • Option to have biased guest referees, that can count at different speeds, or just not count at all for certain wrestlers!
  • So many different gimmick matches, it'll make you dizzy!
  • Full wrestler entrances prior to the match!
  • You can run an up to 16-wrestler tournament!
  • Create-A-Card, choosing the arena, possible attendance figures, up to twenty matches, and more!
  • Much, much, much more!



At this time, there are no downloads for UPWS. A slideshow will be uploaded this summer, so keep checking back at the site for updates!